Chain Reaction Cycles & Wiggle Merger Confirmed


The merger between Chain Reaction Cycles & Wiggle has been confirmed. The Merger will go through subject to clearance from the Competitions & Markets Authority. The combined business will now have revenues in excess of £300 million.

Could this be another nail in the coffin for those small local bike shops…. I certainly hope now!

Stefan Barden, Chief Executive Officer of Wiggle, said:

In the global online retailing market in which we operate, there is a compelling industrial logic for our two businesses to come together to become a stronger force. We have long respected Chain Reaction Cycles as a business and share its values and commitment to delivering the best possible price and first class service for its customers. Like us they have a deep seated love of cycling. The combined business will offer all customers an extended range of brands and products, with Wiggle’s strength in tri-sports and road cycling complemented by Chain Reaction Cycles’ strength in mountain biking, BMX and road cycling too. The deal propels Wiggle faster towards its objective of building a global online champion and a major British export success story.”

Chris Watson, Managing Director of Chain Reaction Cycles, said:

This is an exciting new chapter for the Chain Reaction Cycles brand. Since the business started in 1984, we’ve grown strongly from our mountain bike origins in Northern Ireland to meet the needs of more MTB, BMX and road cyclists across more countries. Coming together with Wiggle is a great way to continue that growth, as a global force in cycling and a leader in technology, eCommerce and innovation.”

Morgan Charre Signs for Bergamont

Former DH world champion Morgan Charre has signed for Bergamot Hayes Factory Team. Charre  is currently ranked 5th in the UCI rankings. Morgan is the last of the top 10 females riders on the circuit  to announce who she would be riding for in 2016. Team speculation for 2016 is over and with the start of the season just around the corner we can’t wait to see how it pans out!

Press Release

Bergamont Hayes Factory Team welcomes downhill world champion Morgane Charre French rider Morgan Charre, the 2012 women’s downhill world champion and currently on 5th place in the UCI rankings, has joined the Bergamont Hayes Factory Team. She will join teammates Eddie Masters, whom Steve Jones of Dirt Magazine once described as “the most casual guy” in the World Cup circus, and his New Zealand countryman Rupert Chapman. Riders will compete at all Downhill World Cup races and the Downhill World Championships in Italy, as was at all Crankworx events. We will also see the Bergamont Hayes Factory Team racing at the German iXS Downhill Cup in Winterberg. Fans should not miss this opportunity to meet the riders and burn their tracks into the course together.

Morgan Charre

Wiggle about to buy Chain Reaction Cycles!


Bike Biz is reporting some pretty massive new today? Could it be true

“BikeBiz believes Wiggle is on the verge of absorbing its main retail rival Chain Reaction Cycles. It’s said to be highly likely that the sale will go through next week, multiple sources say.

Founded in 2009 as an offshoot from a Portsmouth bike shop, Wiggle grew and grew, and was sold to Bridgeport Capital for £180m in 2011.

Chain Reaction Cycles sprang from a small bike shop in the tiny town of Ballyclare in 1989. The shop is now a barber’s shop, a very small barber’s shop. This was the second shop. The first, started in 1984, was Ballynure Cycles, an even smaller operation. The business was founded by George and Janice Watson – their first sale was a chain link costing 11p. When, in 1998, the business moved to Ballyclare the decision was made to change the firm’s name, and Chain Reaction Cycles was born. The website was launched the following year.

Almost 40 percent of CRC’s sales come from outside the EU, as dealers in Australia and America know only too well.

Wiggle and Chain Reaction have been fighting head to head for many years, with Wiggle moving ahead of Chain Reaction in 2013 when sales at the family-owned firm dropped six percent to £145m. The Watson family is said to have a personal fortune of £200m.

German bike brand Cube has very recently moved to Wiggle after formerly being distributed by Chain Reaction.Nobody at Wiggle or Chain Reaction will confirm a sale is on the cards.”

Aaron Gwin Signs for YT!

Its the announcement that everyone has been eagerly awaiting/had already guessed.

2015 world cup series winner Aaron Gwin will ride for YT industries in 2016. Gwin announced back in December that he would be parting ways with Specialized after they couldn’t come to a financial agreement after three seasons together.

Up until now Gwin has only ridden for American Brands (Yeti, Trek & Specialized). YT are a German brand and like many other European brands they are really beginning to turn mountain biking on its head. The North American brands probably never worried themselves about YT before, as they were so far away and they seemed to have a direct focus on Enduro, but now with one of the best ever rider in the world on their books, the threat level of YT has just soared.

YT team is owned by Martin Whiteley who Gwin previously raced under at Trek World Racing.

The new team will use the standard 2016 carbon Tues frame. YT press photo


The announcement came exactly a week after YT rider Kelly McGarry tragically passed away.

Press Release YT:

“Exactly one week ago the terrible news about the death of YT team rider Kelly McGarry made headlines all around the globe. The team at YT is still at a loss for words regarding the sudden loss of this extraordinary character. Unsure about the right moment to release the much-anticipated news about Aaron Gwin and the downhill team, YT has now decided to make it official: Aaron Gwin is coming to Forchheim!”

Yoga & Mountain Biking

A lot of people are pretty skeptical over yoga… I used to be one of those people myself! But I hold my hands up, I was wrong!

CC Image
CC Image

1. It clears your head!

Yoga helps clear your head an allows you to concentrate better! If your head is focused on all the worries of the day you aren’t concentrating on the trail in front of you, which means you are more prone to crashing, therefore more likely to hurt yourself.

2. Relieves the Tension of Riding

Mountain Biking is great, but there is no question that the tension we evoke on bodies through it can leave us feeling very tense & strained. Yoga helps to relieve that tension and allows you to keep a good range of motion in your joints.

3. Practicing Yoga Helps Improve your Flexibility

The more flexible you are the greater control you are going to have on your bike!

4, Improved Balance 

With focus comes balance. Improved by practicing Yoga – essential for Mountain Biking. In Yoga we learn to use our focus to improve our sense of balance. Practicing balancing also tends to strengthen up core muscles and helps the body start to understand how to balance – the muscles remember what to do.

5.Improves Lung Capacity & Helps

Yoga generally improves posture which helps increase lung capacity by giving more freedom and space in the ribcage, upper chest, and upper back.  Yoga also teaches us to control our breathing and to keep the breath calm and steady during difficult and uncomfortable postures. Yogic text the Hatha Yoga Pradipika says “When the Breath is Steady so is the Mind” and as most Mountain Bikers will know it is really important to stay relax when you are riding technical steep terrain. Yoga helps teach us how to stay connected to our breath.

Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset - CC Image from Flickr
Young woman silhouette practicing yoga on the sea beach at sunset – CC Image from Flickr

This article was provided by a third party source, who isn’t a qualifies instructor.

Reverse Components Escape Pedals – Review

Reverse Components Escape Pedals – Review


Over the last few weeks I have been riding around on Reverse Component Escape Pedals read down to see what I thought of them.

Reverse Bike Components are the sister company of bike brand Solid. But if I am being truthful before I tried these Escape pedals it would never have crossed my mind to buy them! In comparison to some of the more popular component brands, Reverse aren’t as well known in the UK. However after trying these pedals I don’t see why they shouldn’t be. They offer a good quality cheaper alternative to some of the leading component brands.

The first thing that caught my eye with these pedals was how bright they are! I was testing the Candy Red colour & between them and my bright yellow Vitus bike I could be seen from the summit of any mountain.


The last few weeks I have been testing out these Escape Reverse Component pedals. The pedals retail for around £55. Each pedal comes with 16 Hex Pins & 8 Grub Pins.

The pedals were tested in a range of different conditions. I found they offered a good amount of grip in all the conditions they were tested in, although they definitely aren’t the grippiest pedals I have ridden on. However there was still sufficient enough grip and I definitely felt comfortable & in control of the bike. These Reverse pedals were also the first flats that I had ridden in a long time that didn’t lose any pins within the first few rides. The pedals are a lot thicker than some of the leading competitors so I found they were more susceptible to hitting off the ground and low lying debris & rocks underneath the pedals.

The pedals weigh in at around 406 grams per pair so they are fairly light and won’t add much weight to your bike.


Overall I am really impressed with these pedals, when comparing them with pedals in the same price category they rank pretty high. They are a great starter pedal, the grip is sufficient enough that you will feel you have descent contact with the bike and they aren’t going to break the bank either. Reverse component do offer a higher priced pedal range these include the Black One & Escape Pro, I suspect these pedals would be much more capable of competing with the likes of Vaults & Spikes.


Price: Approximately £55

Weight: 406 Grams (per pair)


These Pedals Were Provided by F.O.C for testing

Lapierre Gravity Team Announced

Lapierre Gravity Republic Announces New Team, With the Addition of Two New Female Riders!

Chloé Gallean - Rae Morrison

Chloé Gallean & Rae Morrison

 In 2016 Nicolas Vouilloz & Adrien Dailly will be joined by two new female riders: Rae Morrison and Chloé Gallean. But that’s not all! Three further male riders will also fly the Lapierre flag in 2016: Thibaut Daprela, Maxime Folco and Florian Golay. On the team calendar: Enduro, DH & e-bike races.

Rae Morrison finished in 9th place overall in the EWS 2015, and has been riding Lapierre since the beginning of this winter.  Coming from an XC racing background in New Zealand, Rae competed self-funded in the 2015 EWS series. Gradually improving throughout the season, she finished in 5th place in round 7, Ainsa (Spain) and round 8, Finale Ligure (Italy). Other highlights for 2015 included a 3rd place finish at the Alpe d’huez Megavalanche. Rae will be doing the full Enduro World Series in 2016.

Chloé Gallean has been competing in French and World Cup DH races since 2006, regularly mounting the podium. Recently winning the 2015 San Remo nighttime urban downhill on a Lapierre Spicy, and taking her first steps in e-bike racing on an Overvolt, Chloe has proved herself to be a great all-round rider. She will be competing in e-bike races throughout France and some of the Enduro World Series in 2016.

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