Missy ‘The Missile’ is Back!

Missy Looks set to Regain Her Title as the Loosest Girls on the Circuit!
Missy Looks set to Regain Her Title as the Loosest Girls on the Circuit!

The legend that is Missy Giove made her return to the world cup scene at Windham this weekend. She retired from the sport in 2003 and over a decade later she has made her return and showed us she is not past it yet! Missy has only ridden a downhill bike a few times in the last few year. Some might wonder why she’s come back but Missy had a goal and she sure as hell achieved it.


Missy’s wife Kristen has been diagnosed with Cancer and when something like Cancer hits you start to think a lot more about all the things you want to do and see and Kirsten told Missy she wanted to see her race world cups, so here she is racing Windham and pinning it!

Despite crashing in qualifying and then again in finals Missy still made it down the hill in 16th place on race day, she was 3rd fastest in the first split before crashing!! Not bad for someone who’s barley been on a downhill bike in recent years, it’s clear to see Missy has some real raw talent!

Missy's New Ride Courtesy of Cam Zink
Missy’s New Ride Courtesy of Cam Zink

So what’s next for Missy?

“I want to build trails, train riders, ride selected World Cups, and maybe help on a team. I want to take some people on some adventure tours. I’d love to do what I love to do. Maybe give some other kids some inspiration.”

We can’t wait to see more of Missy as she makes her return to the downhill scene!


British Team Announced For Andorra

It’s that time of year again when all different countries announce the riders that will be racing in the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships.

This years worlds event is being held in the breathtaking Vallnord, Andorra. World Champs is always one of the more entertaining races of the season!

The British team has just been announced, with the Top 4 UK female riders being selected to represent the UK!

Elite women

Manon Carpenter (automatic as reigning world champion)
Rachel Atherton
Tahnee Seagrave
Katy Curd

Manon Carpenter is currently the reigning world champion. But with Rachel dominating the whole 2015 season Manon will have one hell of a fight on her hands if she is looking to keep the rainbow stripes.


“Wait for me!” – Windham Course Preview

Things are stating to kick off in Windham for the penultimate round of the  2015 Downhill World Cup season!

The track is looking super fast so is bound to be a down to the wire on race day!

With Ragot out there is one less rider nipping at Athertons heels trying to stop her from doing the inevitable and clinching the 2015 overall win!

Check out the course preview here! Claudio Caluori follows current mens world cup leader Aaron Gwin down the track!

Tack Preview Windham
Tack Preview Windham

Full DH Results – Mount Sainte Anne

qualifying results 2


Missed it? Watch the replay at Red Bull TV

That’s the DH all wrapped in Mount Sainte Anne! Atherton has continued her domination of the world series by taking her 4th this season !

Mount Sainte Anne is not a track for the weak and it definitely separates the weak from the strong! The results weren’t any surprise, Atherton has been looking strong the whole season, since a miserable illness stricken 2014 season she came into 2015 more determined than ever! The step seems to provide some difficulty for many of the girls bar Rachel who cleared it as well as most of the men!

Atherton Looking pinned on her way to her 4th victory of the season!
Atherton Looking pinned on her way to her 4th victory of the season!

World Champion Manon put together a solid run, she finished just over a 3 seconds behind Rachel! Carpenter seems to be getting her season back on tack after the curse of the rainbow stripes disrupted the beginning of the 2015 season for her.

Myriam Nicole returned to the WC scene today after she broke her collar bone at the beginning of the season. Nicole has come back strong and showed that it was a wise decision to sit out of Lenzerheide and wait until she was back to 100% before returning to racing. She appeared  strong and ready to redeem the rest of the season! Nicole finished with and awesome 3rd place!

Carpenter heading though the slippery rock on her way to the podium!
Carpenter heading though the slippery rock on her way to the podium!

We don’t have long to wait until round 6 of the season! Next weekend see’s the 6th round of the UCI Downhill World Cup head to Wyndam USA! The other girls are eager to knock Rachel off the top step so it is sure to be and interesting race!

Emmeline Ragot didn’t start the race after a suspected broken elbow and ankle from this mornings practice! Get Well Soon Emmeline!

Atherton has left MSA with one hand on the trophy and its looking like nothing can stop her from taking the title this season… but let’s not speak to soon it is Downhill after all!



Mount Sainte Anne Live Stream

qualifying results 2

Things are kicking off soon in Mount Sainte Anne make sure you don’t miss it! Will Rachel dominate again or will Carpenter grab her first win of the season! Only time will tell!

Click Here to Watch the 5th round of the UCI Downhill World Cup!

MSA Qualifying Results

Looks like luck was on the girls side in qualifying today in Mount Sainte Anne! The womens qualifying finished just minutes before the heavens opened!

No surprises in qualifying with Atherton qualifying first, Raggot following closely behind her in 2nd and Carpenter in 3rd! Reports from MSA say all three girls were looking fast in practice so tomorrow is bound to be a battle till the end! Tomorrows racing is sure the be a good one!


MSA Full Qualifying Results
MSA Full Qualifying Results

Make sure and tune into Red Bull TV @ 7:30pm Tomorrow (UK time) for all the MSA action!


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The only flaw is the limited sizes they are offered in, the pads only come in a small and medium size. We tested the medium and found it a perfect fit but if my legs were slightly bigger then I would be forced straight back to guys knee pads.

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