X-Bionic Shorts


Sports clothing innovators X Bionic have a real passion for getting it right. Every aspect of there kit is researched and designed thoroughly, technology wise this kit is on another level to most of its market competitors. But the question is does that justify the high price tag that come with it. The kit is definitely more trail or XC based as apposed to Enduro or Downhill.


I have been testing out the Mountain Bike Pants for a few months now, the shorts feel very XC, they are fairly short and definitely not compatible with knee pads, a large gap was left between my pads ending and the shorts starting. The waist fit on these shorts however is excellent I found them comfortable and non restricting when moving around the bike. If you are more XC inclined these shorts are probably perfect for you, they are extremely lightweight, they are quite fitted & have a light compression level so don’t give the same restrictiveness as lycra. I probably wouldn’t recommend them for DH or Enduro style riding.

Overall these shorts are good for XC, the price tag attached to them is pretty high and I’m not sure they gave me any enhancements to my performance unlike the Anatomical Bike Beaver X Bionic top. However when combined with other pieces of the kit such as the Beaver Top I believe they work exceptionally well together. The shorts retail for £127 and can be purchased directly from X Bionic.

These shorts were provided FOC by X Bionic UK.

Price: £127 

Discipline:  XC

Rating: 2.5/5

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