Winter you A’ight but you just ain’t Summer


I like winter! It might not seem like it because I am always harping on about Summer, but I swear I do! Winter definitely has its perks. I can go snowboarding, the trails are a lot quieter, the scenery in Scotland is spectacular. But nothing can beat those Summer night rides, Travels & BBQ’s on the beach! So if I had to choose Summer for me would win every time and the good news is it isn’t that far away! The nights are stretching, the sun’s shining more & this week I got out on my very first after work ride without lights since October!



This was massive news! Recently when I’ve been finishing work at 5  I end up embarking on a full scale argument with myself trying to force myself to go to the gym! But last Monday was a different story! I drove home like a mad women dumped all my work stuff, threw my bike in the back of the car and headed for the trails, and within 20 minutes, me and my bike had made it to the North Face Carpark and we were on our way! Now it might have only latest just over an hour  and it may have resulted me try to navigate myself back to my car in darkness, but to me this 100% signifies the start of Summer 2016 & it got me pretty pumped.


In 2016 Fort William will host the first MTB Girls Ride group ride out!  If you are interested in coming along check out our Facebook Event. If you can’t make it don’t worry there will be a lot more rides throughout 2016!

2016 is bring some exciting times for me & MTB Girls Ride! Keep an eye out for some news we will be releasing soon! It has got me WELL excited!

Ride On!




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