Xbionic Bike Review

X Bionic Review – Anatomical Bike Beaver

I think it is fair to suspect that the makers of Xbionic are crazy mad Big Bang theory fans. They know the science behind all of their gear…even the socks.

I have been testing some X Bionic bike gear over the last few months. X Bionic were pretty adamants when we agreed to do testing that we test their whole kit and not just one or two pieces of it, they believe that in order to get the full potential out of their gear you need to match it with the right pieces. So even though the reviews are posted individually all testing was done when the pieces were paired with other X Bionic clothing .

Our Xbionic testing has included everything from jackets to socks, throughout the next few weeks we will be providing you with reviews from some of their line. Up this week is the Anatomical Bike Beaver Top.

Anatomical Bike Beaver



“Because you need your energy for more vital things than sweating or freezing. The relentless search for efficiency in weight and performance ability ends with rodent. He’s perfectly adapted to the moist, cold enviroment, having been outfitted by nature for millions of years. The beaver. His coat is the inspiration for the unique material Macrotermes™. Half as thick as traditional fleece it still manages to improve on insulation. In combination with the 3D-BionicSphere® System it creates a product of the highest performance: the Beaver Performed Shirt™. It took a long time for the development department to be satisfied with it. The sport-specific fine-tuning began: computations, honing of details and function. In the end we have a perfect product especially for all types of cycling.”

Material: 86% polyamide, 14% elastane


We have been testing the Anatomical Bike Beaver top for a few months now. The top is essential a fleece, but it is a lot more to it. The top is fitted and the material is a lot thinner than your standard fleece top.  The 3D-BionicSphere technology built into the top combines different techniques to aid your bodies climate control, preventing you from becoming to hot or too cold, therefore conserving your energy on a ride. The MicroDiffuser on the collar allows hot, moist air to escape and support the body temperature inside the jacket.

Technology wise this top is great for a climate like the UK, where we can experience a number of different temperature  within a few hours. The top is comfortable as well, despite it being very fitted, the elastane allows the top to move with your body as you move around the bike. I have wore this top under a jacket & with just a base layer underneath and each time the top was great.

I would definitely recommend this top for all cyclist whatever your discipline. It is a great training top. I have been testing the top in winter & have been very impressed with it. It is clear that a lot of research has gone into the top and the technology behind it works very well.

The top retails at around £199, this price tag might put people off but the quality of the top and the performance you get out of it make the heavy price tag worth every penny.

Next Review SphereWind Jacket 


This top was provided by X Bionic FOC to MTB Girls Ride.

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