Aaron Gwin Signs for YT!

Its the announcement that everyone has been eagerly awaiting/had already guessed.

2015 world cup series winner Aaron Gwin will ride for YT industries in 2016. Gwin announced back in December that he would be parting ways with Specialized after they couldn’t come to a financial agreement after three seasons together.


Up until now Gwin has only ridden for American Brands (Yeti, Trek & Specialized). YT are a German brand and like many other European brands they are really beginning to turn mountain biking on its head. The North American brands probably never worried themselves about YT before, as they were so far away and they seemed to have a direct focus on Enduro, but now with one of the best ever rider in the world on their books, the threat level of YT has just soared.

YT team is owned by Martin Whiteley who Gwin previously raced under at Trek World Racing.

The new team will use the standard 2016 carbon Tues frame. YT press photo


The announcement came exactly a week after YT rider Kelly McGarry tragically passed away.

Press Release YT:

“Exactly one week ago the terrible news about the death of YT team rider Kelly McGarry made headlines all around the globe. The team at YT is still at a loss for words regarding the sudden loss of this extraordinary character. Unsure about the right moment to release the much-anticipated news about Aaron Gwin and the downhill team, YT has now decided to make it official: Aaron Gwin is coming to Forchheim!”

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