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It’s freezing, it’s raining …. unfortunately it is just winter in the UK. Winter here often leaves us mountain bikers dreaming of hot summer days riding & non-stop chairlift run. I think most Mountain Bikers spend the majority of winter wishing it would hurry up and finish. 

But one thing about Winter is it gives us a lot of thinking time about where our summer adventures may take us, for some a week in the Alps or a trip to the South of France is enough to satisfy the adventure bug, but if you are looking for something more then why  not have a look at Peak Leaders? 

Peak leaders offers two different MTB courses. So if you are in gap year limbo or looking to escape from the 9-5 job for a while, or even looking for a complete change in career Peak Leader Dirt could be the perfect choice for you. The courses are based in the mountain bike mecca that is Whistler, they range from 3 weeks to 5 weeks.

Whistler is the perfect place for every mountain biker, your surrounded by loads of like minded people and the terrain on offer is awesome, the night life isn’t too bad either . If chose to do it with Peak Leaders you’ll either come out with a recognised international qualification or a potential job offer. Either way it sounds like a pretty good deal all round to me!   

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Cheryl McClorey from Aberdeen, Scotland is just back from her first season out in Whistler with Peak Leaders where she completed the 3 Week Bike Academy course, here is a snippet of Cheryl’s story and how the Mountain Biking changed her life. 

“At 27 years, I discovered mountain biking. At 28, I decided I wanted to change my career path as a consequence. At 29, I sauntered off to Whistler, the Mecca of mountain biking, to grab at my chance of turning my hobby into my day job.

I already had a career in Marketing and Social Media, for a fantastic independent Oil and Gas training company back in Aberdeen, but the mountain biking had me hooked and I wanted to at least test out my chances of transferring my current skills to the mountain bike industry.

A chum had recommended doing an instructors course, as he’d completed a snow season in Utah as a Snowboard Instructor a few years ago and that’s when everything sort of fell into place. I immediately looked up mountain bike instructor courses online and found Peak Leaders. After a little research, countless hours watching Whistler Mountain Bike Park YouTube clips and number crunching, I signed myself up.

6 months later, I arrived in Whistler”

“For me the Peak Leaders course offered a change of career and an opportunity to improve my riding whilst spending a season in the worlds best Bike Park. The course itself was so well set up, with amazing Whistler coaches from very different MTB backgrounds and an incredibly supportive course leader who helped with everything from accommodation to Whistler know-how.  As well as qualifying with the IDP Level 1 & 2 certifications, I also gained friendships for life and a tremendous season on the bike. By far the best thing I’ve done to date and I’ve already been to visit a fellow graduate riding his trails in Ireland proving the journey continues on well past the course. I will be back this season too and working as a guide!”

If you want anymore info about Cheryl, Check out her first blog here, plenty of info

Course Options

3 Week Bike Academy- £3000

Dates – 16th May – 7th June

Kick start the season off with our three week long Bike Park Academy and work as a Mountain Bike Guide in Whistler, Canada

Gain the Whistler Bike Park Instructor Development Programme (IDP) Levels 1&2, instructing certifications geared towards gravity fed riding with 30 hours of coaching per week, bike maintenance/suspension workshops, season lift pass, emergency first aid course, trail riding and much more.

The aim is to develop you into a mountain bike guide/coach. The best part is there are jobs available as “Bike Park Guides” in Whistler after the course finishes. Last year we had a 100% pass rate and everyone that wanted a job, got one!

5 Week Coaches Camp – £3950

Dates: 27 July 2016 – 31 August 2016

Spend five weeks immersed in our Coaches Camp; one of the most comprehensive Mountain Bike instructor courses, with the most respected and useful combination of qualifications.

Gain the Whistler Bike Park Instructor Development Programme (IDP) Levels 1&2, instructing certifications geared towards gravity fed riding and the CTC Trail Mountain Bike Leader Award, a highly respected and well-known qualification for guiding in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Work hard, play hard we say, as you will also enjoy Crankworx. This festival brings with it some of the best riders in the world and their sponsors…nuff said!

All this wrapped up in a dialled Whistler chalet, start your journey with Peak Leaders Dirt Coaches Camp.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to go here….


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