How To Get Into Mountain Biking

Getting Into Mountain Biking

I have a few friends who keep saying to me they love the idea of Mountain Biking and would love to try it but either they can’t afford the expense or they think it looks to scary. So here’s a quick how to guide to show you it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it is really more fun than scary.

1.Don’t Spend a Fortune

Contrary to belief you don’t need to sell a kidney to raise the money to get into mountain biking. Just follow a few simple steps, don’t buy a brand new bike straight away. Buy a decent 2nd had hardtail/AM bike and use that for a few months. The same goes for riding gear buy second hand and you could save a fortune. Use site like to find a descent 2nd hand bike/gear.


2. Go Riding With Some Pals.

Go out riding with some friends it is heaps more fun and  it will give you more confidence than solo riding.  If you don’t have any friends that ride then find your local MTB forum it is a great way to find people near you to go riding with.


2. Keep it Calm on the First Day.

Don’t push it to hard on your first day. If you do it will most likely result in you crashing and it will most definitely put you off. The person that came up with the saying “it’s as easy as riding a bike” saying clearly wasn’t referring to mountain biking…


3. Know Your Limits

Don’t give into peer pressure, you know your limits better than anyone else does so don’t let them tell you what you should be riding, don’t let someone convince you to tackle steep black graded runs on your first few weeks of riding. Fortunately for us girls aren’t half as bad a boys at applying the peer pressure (sometimes).


5. Use the Right Protection

And finally… Wear protection this is a must. Always make sure you wear a helmet.. and any other armour that you feel you should be wearing knee & elbow pads etc.

Helmets Are a Must!
Helmets Are a Must!

But above all else have fun!

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