Martyn Ashton Set Out to Raise £7000… And Ended Up With So Much More!

Not that anyone needs proof that the MTB community is awesome, but if you ever did here it is!

MTB hero Martyn Ashton’s world changed completely when he was left paraplegic back in 2013. Yet despite this Martyn lives his life in a way that all of us should try to. He continues to be positive and motivated despite the obstacles that have been put in his way. So when Martyn posted on Facebook that he was going to sell his Road Bike that featured in Road Bike Party episode 2 (video below) for some expensive rehab equipment, it was no surprise that everyone turned round told him to leave his bike where it was and  set up a Go fund me campaign.

The page has only been set up for 2 days now and already the £7,000 starter target has been smashed, at the time of writing this the current amount raised was over £40,000.

So there it is people! The proof you needed that the MTB Community is AWESOME!


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