The Christmas Gift Guide


With Christmas just round the corner it is the perfect time to replenish your biking gear! So here is what we have on our christmas list! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for yours!

1. Muc-Off Ultimate Bike Cleaning Tool Box Kit


With the rainy, muddy and cold winter season well under way we may hate the idea of cleaning our bike. But if we want it to keep running smoothly then we need to give them some TLC. So make this Muc-Off kit a top priority for your Christmas list to help your bike make it through to the Summer Season!

2. Elite SuperCrono Power Mag ElastoGel Trainer


The winter nights are drawing in and unless you are night riding mad then it can be hard to find the motivation to put the night lights on and go for a spin. So for most of us at this time of year the trails are for Weekends only. Making this Turbo Trainer the ideal Christmas present if you want to keep your legs moving even when you can’t face the cold and dark night.

3. X-Bionic Anatomical Bike Beaver Shirt


We choose this shirt because it is a great all rounder. The heavy price tag is justified by the fact that you can use it throughout the entire year. So whether you are sweating in the Summer sunshine or freezing during a snowy winter ride this shirt has you covered.

4. O’Neal Rockstacker Shorts


I love these shorts, despite the fact they are male shorts they are the perfect fit and so comfy to ride in. I much prefer an over the knee short, however most of the time women shorts are too ‘short’ and guys shorts are far to long. They retail for around £70 which is in line with most other MTB brands.  The roominess in these shorts make them ideal for winter riding when you are probably going to have tights on under your shorts, yet they are light weight enough for summer too.

5. Bell Super 2 Helmet 2016


We’ve been taught it from a young age… Always use protection… and before your dirty minds do over time I’m talking about MTB Protection! A helmet is by far the most import piece of equipment when riding, so it’s important that it fits just right. This Bell Super Helmet is my choice of helmet it is a great fit. It’s loaded with technologies including cooling Overbrow Ventilation, a new breakaway camera mount, and an upgraded TAG fit system that makes dialling in fit easier than ever. And best yet, it is compatible with the Super 2R chin bar.



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