Skins RY400 Review – Ice Baths are a Thing of the Past

Skins RY400 Women’s Compression Tights Review

Could ice baths after a long ride be thing of the past? We think so after testing out the Ry400 Women’s Compression Long Tights For Recovery. The purpose of the tights is to aid recovery after long and enduring exercise session.



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Our Testing

I use the tights after almost every ride whether long or short for over 3 months and I definitely noticed the difference. I would come in from a ride and the first thing I would do is put on the tights.

The first day I wore the tights I had been on a ride where I had covered around 30km of climbs and normally after a day of ascending this much I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day never mind ride my bike. However as soon as I got in I put the tights on and the next day the stiffness in my legs was significantly less than it had been after previous rides of a similar length. I even managed to get back out on the bike the next day for a short while, normally I wouldn’t even contemplate going out riding the day after a big ride.


How Do They Work?

All compression clothing should have a mmHg measurement, the tights have a measurement between 19-22 at the base and calf and 9-11 at the hips and waist. The levels of compression are designed specifically to maximise venous blood flow in post-exercise recovery. The compression in the tights is definitely obvious when you put them on for the first time but its not at a level where you are uncomfortable and they can easily be worn for long periods of time.

The comfort of the tights makes them ideal for when you just want to chill out after a tough day on the bike. However, I wouldn’t recommend using them for active wear. The waistband has a tendency to slip and if you move around too much.

The fabric has permanent antimicrobial treatment built in to it that helps discourage bacteria, which means your tights stay cleaner and odor free for longer.

They also have 50+ UV protection feature… although because I live in the UK I didn’t really get to test this feature out!


The one things that might put a lot of people off these compression tights is the price, like most of Skins products they are quite expensive (retail for around £90), however I am a firm believe in that you get what you pay for and the tights are definitely value for money!

The tights also come a a wide variety of sizes to suit must people.

I would definitely make these my number 1 choice for leg compression apparel. They do what they are supposed to do and at the same time they are incredibly comfortable, which means you can wear them for longs, which in turn means more recovery time!

The only downside is that despite having antimicrobial treatment the tights lose shape after a short while, however this problem is easily fixed. Throw them in the washing machine and they basically go back to new.

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