Polaris Womens Trail Shorts – Review

Polaris Womens Trail Shorts

 polarisTrail-shorts-Left-side-900x900 Trail-shorts-Rear-900x900

I love the concept of womans specific clothing, but a lot of the time the end result of these womans specific products can leave me disappointed. Normally because the sizing is completely wrong or the products just aren’t practical for the kind of riding I want to do.

So when I was sent these Polaris Trail Shorts a few weeks ago I wasn’t entirely confident that I would be writing a positive review. However I now have to eat my words! I LOVE these trail shorts. They are probably the comfiest, best fitting shorts I have worn in a long time!

“Comfiest, Best Fitting Shorts I Have Worn in a Long Time”

They are cut in such a way that they are specific for women. The high back and front to the shorts mean that there is no gaping of bare skin when you are bent over the bike. The double stud button at the top of the shorts offers reassurance that the shorts aren’t going to pop open at any unexpected moment. The adjustable Velcro side panels allow you to tighten and loosen the waist band to a size that is comfortable for you.


The four way stretch meant free movement and no restriction when moving around the bike. The shorts have ample storage with three front pockets, the zipped pockets also mean you can keep your valuable on you while riding without risking losing them during your ride. The DWR finish also means they are the perfect shorts for riding in the winter in Scotland.

The shorts retail for around £49 which is a steal for these shorts. Most other shorts of this quality in the current market retail at a significantly higher price.

The shorts come in a vast array of sizes from a UK 8 -16.



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