Yeah I know… I can’t believe it either! Summer 2015 is just over and we are already looking at Summer 2016 ranges!

I don’t know about you but Qloom Bikewear was completely new to me up until a few months ago! But the story really began for this brand back in 2007 with the development of a pair of shorts for a group of friends that has now developed in a magnificent lifestyle brand. Now producing High-Performance products, QLOOM offers a wide range  functional clothing for any sporting adventure.

The high performance surf inspired mountain bikes clothes are definitely some of the most stylish female bike clothes that I have ever come across. This range has a cool fresh look that you would be happy to wear on the trails or walking down the street. The products we tested aren’t available for purchase yet but these surf inspired clothes are worth the wait.The Swiss brand sent us over some of their 2016 Spring/Summer gear to test out… Here is what we thought!



Unima Enduro Long Sleeved Shirt


The Enduro / All Mountain Jersey was really small made! We tested out the medium and would say it was roughly a size 8 UK, which made the jersey really fitted unlike most all mountain jerseys that come with a bit more moving room in them. It was disappointing as the other aspects of the jersey were so good. The light weight quality of the material made it very breathable. I would love to try this jersey out in a more accurate size as I feel the verdict would be very different.

Glacier Peak Light Weight Jacket


I LOVED this jacket! Its offers all round protection against wind and rain. However again it was small made but not as restricting as the jersey. The bright pink colour meant there was no losing me on the trails.  With 10’000mm waterproofing not even the heavy Canadian rain could break this jacket. Ventilation under the arms meant the jacket was very breathable. It is extremely light weight and compact which makes it the perfect jacket for storing away in your rucksack while out for a day riding. One feature missing from the jacket that we really thought it could do with was a google cleaner. Most MTB jackets will have this feature built in and although it is built into the shorts it isn’t as convenient as having it right there in your jacket pocket.


Whiteheaven Womens Active Jacket


All time favourite!!! The  Qloom piece is ideal for whatever adventure you are on whether it is a day out on the bike, a hike or even yoga this top works for them all. We used this hoody as outerwear during cool days on the trails or as an extra layer during a summer hike. This top was definitely the best fitting piece of clothing we tested in the Qloom S/S16 range. The two stretch panels on the side of the Jacket means that the Jacket feels comfy and loose for whatever sport you are using it for.


Long Sleeved Mandalay Shirt


 Another multi activity piece from Qloom, The Mandalay shirt is perfect for a range of different activities. The casual comfy fit makes it perfect for most sporting activities or even casual wear. We used this top for a range of activities from long trail rides to yoga at the lakeside during the summer months. The thinness of the top means it doubles up well as a baselayer to wear under a jumper of jacket during the Autumn/Winter months. The Mandalay is an essential piece of clothing for your activity wardrobe. However it again was really small made so take that into consideration if buying!

 UMINA Qloom Shorts


These Qloom shorts are a soft yet hard wearing, they provide optimum protection, yet still offer maximum comfort for a day of riding trails. The double weave stretch fabric ensures optimal freedom of movement. The shorts offer ample pocket storage for smalls tools and refreshments for those short ride that you don’t want to take a backpack on. The Shorts are extremely waterproof and held up well during rain showers, The right hand pocket also has a goggle cleaner builtin.

Tweedhead Short Sleeved Enduro Jersey


This short sleeved jersey is perfect for those hot days on the bike. The Jersey is very light weight and breathable. It has a simple yet functional design that is perfect for summer evening rides. The shirt is made from a mixture of recycled polyester and polyester which make it perfect for hot days riding where you are likely to sweat a lot. It will keep you feeling reasonable cool even in the hottest conditions. Again it is another multi activity piece that can be used for hikes and running as well as biking.




These all mountain gloves combined with their silicone padding make for maximum comfort using most grips.  They fit and feel of the gloves are excellent. However they are a bit thin on the top so I would only use during warmer summer months or you may find yourself with some cold fingers.

SARINA Short Sleeved Shirt


This shirt is perfect for long endurance rides ( or dare I say it … even road rides on a hot day. The shirt has high performance fabrication and latest manufacturing technology. It is light weight with a back storage zipped pocket on the back of the shirt there is a place to store gels, snacks and tools for those long rides. The soft handle feel gives its it a nice feel against your skin.

I think what I really liked about this Qloom range was how most of the pieces could be used for multi activities. The well co-ordinated colours of the kit definitely gave it that factory racing feel. This bike brand might be relatively unknown in the UK and many other parts of the world at the moment, but if they keep producing quality and stylish garments such as this I can’t imagine that will be the case for long!


The clothes are very stylish and the bright colours definitely gives them that summer feel! They are practical pieces yet are still appealing to girls unlike a lot of other riding gear. The quality of the brand is clear in the finished product the from the gloves down to the jerseys. A lot of the gear can also be worn as casual wear or après bikewear as well as for a day of riding on the trails.

One of the most important feature of the range is that most of it comes with UV protection, which is essential if you are spending days riding in the hot summer sun!


The sizing of the product was a bit of an issue. The pieces were pretty small made in comparison to a lot of other rival brands. So be aware if ordering you may want to order the size up for a bit more comfort.

Qloom Action

We always hope with all our reviews that any criticisms will be taken as constructive and give the brand an idea of what they can do to improve and leave their customers more satisfied.  So we were super happy to hear that Qloom had taken into account our (very few) criticisms and are set to rectify them before the range in launched in Spring 2016. The sizing problems we found during our testing will be fixed for final production.

Another problem that we highlighted was that Qloom wasn’t very accessible to the UK market, however Qloom have informed us that next Spring will see a relaunch of  there sales distribution, which will see them become a more global brand. The retail side of the website will also be opened to a lot more countries and regions, which will  open up purchasing options for places like the UK who previously haven’t had many retailers stocking Qloom!

http://www.qloom.com – Check it out!


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