Amplifi Atlas 18 Review


Amplifi Atlas 18 Comes in a Range of Different Colours
Amplifi Atlas 18 Comes in a Range of Different Colours

Amplifi have really come up trump with this backpack! The Atlas 18 should be called the illusion bag! Its looks so small and compact from the outside however inside there is an ample amount of room for you to fit all your gear in for a day in the mountains!

Amplifi research team carried out all the correct tests when coming up with this product! Its streamline design makes it really comfortable when riding. The adjustable oversized waist belt allows you to adjust the fitting of the bag to whatever is most comfortable for you as well as giving some pocket space round the front of the bag where you can store some refueling snack to keep going throughout the ride without having to stock and go into the back of the bag.

The bag has all the required compartments, from a secure helmet holder on the front of the bag, to a pull out tool pack and a soft pocket for your phone and music player.

The one thing missing from this bag is that it doesn’t have is a built in hydration pack, however for me I personally prefer to ride with a bottle rather than a hydration pack.  The pack also comes with a rain cover that is very much needed living in the highlands. 

As I mentioned above this bag should be referred to as the illusion bag! It looks so small and compact however holds all the necessary equipment! We used the bag for all day trail rides so had to store all our food, extra clothing, spares and tools and it all fitted in really well without making me feel like a tortoise.  

The bag retails for around £95 which put in middle of the road price wise for a top quality backpack. Personally I don’t see any point breaking the bank going for a more expensive backpack brand when Amplifi delivers it all bar the kitchen sink.

Only drawback with this bag was when I was wearing a full face I felt like it was pushing up against the back of my helmet.


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