Spank Spike Pedal Review

Spank Spike Pedals – Review


A good set of flat pedals is definitely top of my list when it comes to required gear! I have never ridden clipped and with how clumsy I am it’s probably best for everyone that it stays that way. Once I find a good set of flat pedal I find it hard to see past them so switching from my usual trusted flats to Spank Spike Pedals I was a wee bit hesitant!

But anyway sometimes change is good! When packing for Whistler I took my favourite pedals off and left them at home and instead packed a pair of Spank Spike Pedals into my bike bag.

The Pedal

The first thing that caught my eye with these pedal was how slim they were, I thought my old pedals had a pretty slender look but these were on another level at just 12mm (not including pin height). However it may be skinny but it is strong! The thinness of the pedal means it doesn’t get in the way as much when riding and are less likely to hit off rocks! Each Spike pedal sports 20 pins (4 grub pins and 16 hex head pins). Each pin is clearly positioned very carefully in order to ensure maximum grip between foot and pedal. The flat wide based pedals offered a secure riding platform that gave me confidence that my foot wouldn’t slip off.

If you are looking to reduce weight as well on your bike the pedals are pretty light with each pair weighing in at 420g (all pins in)!




One of the first things I noticed when riding these pedals was that you really need to use pedal washers with these pedals. Otherwise the pedal goes right up to the crankarm and won’t spin freely. However even with the pedal washer the pedals still doesn’t spin as freely as many of the other brands on the market. Spank see this as a bonus stating that their inboard friction seal reduces unwanted spin! I have to say I am with Spank on this one! I think by reducing unwanted spin the pedal becomes sturdier and allows me to be more confident in my riding.

I like to run my pedal supper grippy and with all 10 pins perfectly positioned on either side the traction offered by the pedals was excellent! However 5 rides in and I had already lost at least 4 pins and without all pins in place I found the grippiness of the pedals significantly reduced! Just make sure you have pin replacements.




Market competitors have their work cut out for them if they want to offer a pedal as stylish and as good a performer as the spike!  The grippiness offered by the pedals was excellent and the reduced spin on the pedals was suited exactly to my style of riding! The pedals retail at around £99 which is about middle of the road price! But in terms of value for money they are definitely worth it! The slender design means they don’t interfere with your riding as much. So when going through any kind of techy terrain you are less likely to clip anything on the ground! The pedals also come in an array of colours!

IMG_20150917_183451 (1)


Platform: 12mm Thin

Weight: 420g per pair (with full pin compliment)

Material: Cold Forged Alloy Pedal Body

Axle: Hollow Taper Scandium Enriched Steel

Pins: 20 Adjustable Pins per Pedal

Chamfered Leading Edges for Improved Clearance and Reduced Impact Forces

Chamfered Side Edges for Improved Cornering Clearance

Oversized Sealed Full Compliment Inboard Industrial Bearing

Sealed Outboard IGUS Bushing

Full Sized Hex Head Pins Improve Durability and Maintenance

Inboard Friction Seal Prevents Contamination and Reduces Unwanted Pedal Spin

Distributor : Hotlines UK

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