Torc1 Racing – Defy Lock on Grips Review!

Torc1 Racing – Defy Lock on Grips!


You only really have two main contact points with your bike when you are riding! That is your pedals and your grips! So it is important that they are right for you!

The guys over at Torc1 racing sent us over a set of their Defy Lock on Grips for us to put to the test!

The defy lock on grips are super lightweight and come with an oversized clamp and bolt to ensure that they won’t rotate when you are riding. We’d been pretty sceptical about the single clamp as they are often more likely to twist round when riding but these grips weren’t moving anywhere, the single lock on grip also gave more room and comfort to hold onto the grip.

The grips comes with quite a unique block pattern design that I haven’t seen on any other grips before, they have a large amount of tractions. The shock absorbing material in the grips was obvious! We first rode them in a very dry and dusty Whistler with a shed load of breaking bumps and the arm pump was near enough non-existent!

The grips were tested to there limit in Whistler with all the Braking Bumps!
The grips were tested to there limit in Whistler with all the Braking Bumps!

One downfall of that grips was that they were so tacky which was great for riding however it meant that the grips became easily discoloured. Within the first 5 days of riding the grips the bright pink had faded significantly.

Retailing at for £22 they are a fair bit more expensive than most other grips in the market but they are worth the extra cost! The grips are super tacky so your hand are unlikely to slide off, even in the wet (making them ideal for UK winter riders), they are comfy on your hands with and without gloves & they come in a wide variety of colours! A month on from when we first started riding thse grips they still feel like news so we have no doubt that they will last the distance making them worth the extra few £! If they only complaint we have is that they discoloured slight well that really isn’t a complaint at all! The Grips are great you’d be mad not give them a try!


Product Info

  • Soft and Durable Super Tacky Compound.
  • Overall Length 130mm.
  • Weight: 90g Per Set.
  • Unique Shock Absorbing Material.
  • Oversized Clamping Bolts and Side Specific Clamps Make for Easy Installation.
  • Retail Cost £22
Slightly discoulored but that isn’t a reason to be put off these grips!

Available from


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