Bawbags – Review

You don’t get more Scottish than Bawbags so we thought it was only right to give them a go!


Not one of our usual reviews but certainly one of the most essential! Comfort is essential when riding even down to your pants! Bawbags is a home grown Scottish company! The sheer comfort of their products makes them ideal for action sports that involve a lot of movement! The Bawbags Cool De Sacs underwear even has its very own thermal wicking active technology as well as a fast drying material which makes them ideal for the torrential Scottish showers we often get caught out in!


Bawbags boxers are all vibrantly designed. Bawbags also sell baselayers as well although we haven’t had a chance to give these a go yet as the sun has been shining in Scotland the last few weeks ( I know it shocked us too), but we can’t wait to give them a go this winter!

Keep an eye out for our review dropping this winter on Bawbags Baselayers!

A Percentage Of All Bawbags Sales Also Go Towards Support For Cancer Charities! 


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