World Championship 2015 Results!

What a race! Conditions made it hard for the girls to stay on the bikes let alone put down a solid race run! But all the girl were fighting to the end to try and put some time in between their times and Athertons 20 second gap from her seeding run on Saturday.

With a 20 second lead in Saturdays seeding run we can only assume Athertons confidence was high! But in downhill we should never second guess anything!

GoPro – Facebook

Tahnee took a tumble off the bike resulting in her falling down the hill and having to scurry back up to re-join the course and ending her challenge for the rainbow stripes. Solid runs were put in by both Tracey Hannah and former World Champion Morgane Charre. But in the end the head to head battle came back down to Carpenter & Atherton!

Carpenter crossed the line a huge 7 seconds ahead of the rest of the field putting her into the hot seat. But with Atherton following down the hill straight after her, Carpenters huge 7 second gap was beginning to look smaller and smaller.

With a 5 second gap at split 1 Atherton looked set to take the win! And that’s just what she did! Cruising over the line a solid 3 seconds ahead of the rest of the field.

Making Atherton the NEW 2015 Downhill Mountain Biking World Champion!


What a Season Atherton has had winning the world cup overall and becoming the 2015 world champion!  Well done Rachel you are one truly amazing athlete and inspiration to the sport!

But we are 100% sure she has just given the rest of the girls the motivation they needed to go and kick the ass off of training this off season and come back in 2016 ready to give Atherton her biggest challenge yet!

Photo Rachel Athertons Instagram @rachybox
Photo Rachel Athertons Instagram @rachybox

Check the full results below…


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