Rating – 4/5
Comfort on Decent – 4.5/5
Comfort on Climbs – 4/5
RRP - £74.99


The last few weeks we’ve been testing these Bliss Protection Womens Specific ARG Knee Pads.

To be honest we were pretty skeptical about these before we tried them as we’ve found in the past a lot of womens specific stuff is just the same as the unisex or guys products but just with a girly design. Gladly though we can admit this is not the case with these knee pads.

Retailing at around £75 there not the cheapest knee pads on the market but their comfort and fit makes them worth every penny. The flexible armourgel padding on the knee pads molds quickly and easily to your knees but  yet gives great flexibility and movement, the slimmer cut knee pads make the fit a lot more suited to girls and give more reassurance over the protection that you are receiving. The rear of the pad has a whole cut out the back which stops the material of the knee pad gathering up at the back of your leg and causing discomfort.

During descents the pads are basically flawless, they are comfy and flexible and on the climbs they were almost unnoticeable.

We had these pads on for about 2-3 hours at a time, with very little irritation. The elastic straps ensured that the pads stayed firmly in place and didn’t need readjusting at all.

I’ve felt with most of my knee pads in the past that you either got one quality or the other, either they are comfy but provide little protection or big and uncomfortable but provide the required protection for gnarly downhill descents.

Forget tan lines we are all about the dirt lines!
They’ve battled a few Scottish rainy days!

The only flaw is the limited sizes they are offered in, the pads only come in a small and medium size. We tested the medium and found it a perfect fit but if my legs were slightly bigger then I would be forced straight back to guys knee pads.

These knee pads offer the protection and comfort we desired and  they looked great, we really think Bliss have cracked it here with these women specific knee pads.



  1. looks liek bliss improved their pads by addind oen mroe hoock and loop strap, but hte side elastic with EVa padding is gonna rip apart, and will w get big holes.i had bliss arg long knee pads and elbow pads and they got worn out jsut in few weeks. the strongest part of the bliss pads are the pads them selves and the kevlar. they are way too expensive,i now use poc and i have no issues 🙂


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