Glencoe SDA Round 4 Results


Glencoe Black track is not for the faint hearted! Despite there being a lot of work done on the track it’s steepness and general gnarliness is enough to put a bit of fear into most riders and racer!

This weekend it was good to see a few girls turn out to take on the Glencoe monster! I bet there are a few sore and bruised individuals after this weekend!

Junior Women Results

4 junior girls turned up to Glencoe to take on the 4th round of the SDA. Freya Avis took the win in the junior category by a difference of just over two seconds. Freya fought of regular junior world cup attenders Rona Striven and Elena Melton to take the win. A Well done also has to be said to Tea Jensen, the young rider put down a solid run at the brutal Glencoe, she is going to be one to watch in the next few years. Teas time in her run would have placed her 2nd in the senior womens results!


1 st Freya Avis: 3:26.51

2nd Rona Striven: 3:28.69

3rd Elena Melton: 3:43.64

4th Tea Jensen: 4:09.88

Photo from Decent World: Freya Avis Jr Winner!
Photo from Decent World: Freya Avis Jr Winner!

Senior Women Results

The win on the day was taken by Tara O’Boyle who also grabbed the fastest womens result for the day. Tara has won both the 3rd and 4th round of SDA this year! Rachel Simpson of Cyclewise Altura took second place with Shona McKinnon in third!


1st Tara O’Boyle : 3:24.95

2nd Rachel Simpson: 4:11.96

3rd Shona McKinnon: 4:31.75



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