Interview With Tracy Moseley!

Tracy Moseley World Champion 2011
2011 World Champion

Tracy Moseley literally eat, sleeps and drinks bikes, she is without a doubt one of the most iconic figures in women’s mountain biking! She has achieved so much in her career and shows no signs pulling the brakes on anytime soon. Securing 15 world cup wins, being crowned 2011 world champion and world enduro series winner in 2013 & 2014, it’s no wonder she is considered a legend!

We recently caught up with Tracy to talk about the 2015 season and much more!

Hi Tracy, another really strong season for you this year! How are you feeling for going into the next round of the EWS?

Yes it’s been another great season so far, still a long way to go and with enduro racing there is so much going on at every race that you can never assume you will have a good race, but I’m really enjoying my riding and feel good on my bike!


You are a magnificent role model for women’s cycling in the UK and the World, what advice would you give to girls looking to get into the sport?

I think now is a great time to get involved in all aspects of cycling and especially women in sport, so I really encourage girls to just get out there and have a go. Don’t be put off or scared away by racing, the enduro format creates some great social, fun racing at the grassroots level so just go and give it a go.

I also think that young girls should really focus on getting their basic bike skills up to scratch. Spend time riding a hardtail bike with flat pedals and make sure you can control the bike before you move on to try harder trails….can you lift your front wheel and rear wheel independently and then together? Can you do a wheelie, a side hop, ride along a plank, trackstand etc, all these skills will help you progress further and ultimately have less crashes!


5x Winner at Fort William  for this reason Tracy got a Gondola named after her!
5x Winner at Fort William for this reason Tracy got a Gondola named after her!

You’ve dominated the world enduro series the last two years, but with more and more girls racing do you feel like it is getting harder to get top results?

Yeah it’s great to see the womens field growing each year, and the standard is improving, everyone is training harder and coming in to the season fitter and stronger, so it’s great. I feel as though I am still improving and learning a lot so it’s good to keep the level high.


What is the best lesson you’ve learnt as a rider which you can teach us?

I think you must always take something away from each ride or race that you did well and something you can improve upon. Always have a goal and a challenge so you always have something to focus  on and keep improving your riding.. Never get complacent with your riding…


The world series stretches from one corner of the earth to the other, but what round would you say is your favourite?

That’s a tough one as there are new venues each year and very different race formats so each race is so unique. As far as this season goes so far, it would have to be Ireland. The weather was amazing, the crowd was incredible and the stages were so much fun to race, I loved every minute of it!!


EWS Winner 2013 & 2014
EWS Winner 2013 & 2014


You began the transition over to Enduro full time in 2012, is plans to hit up some DH races in the near future or had that ship sailed? Or anything you miss from the DH scene?

No I retired from DH having achieved everything I wanted to, so I have no desire to go back and race and I really haven’t missed it. The enduro racing has been so full on I have not had time to miss my DH bike!!


You get to travel all over the world with your bike and ride in many different places, where is your favourite place to ride?

You know what I still love riding at home on the Malvern Hills when I get the time which is cool to be able to say that when I have traveled all over ! But its home and its fun riding.

The alps and especially riding with friends at Bike Verbier always ends in amazing days on the bike, so for me it’s the location, trails, challenges but also the people you ride with and the good times you have, that makes a great days riding !


We are trying to promote healthy eating on our website, what sort of diet do you try to maintain? Do you feel like a good diet is essential to success?

Yeah I really think that diet makes a huge difference to performance, energy levels and in general well being. Especially these days when our food is so processed and manufactured I think its more important than ever to make good food choices. I really try and stick to natural, wholefoods and try to make as much of my food as possible from scratch with natural ingredients so I know what I am putting inside my body.


Finally…Time off the bike is essential so what do you do on your time off the bike?

Sleep !!!

Thanks Tracy & good luck with the rest of the season!

3 Comments on “Interview With Tracy Moseley!

  1. Thank you for this interesting interview. Tracy is a great champion and she’s proving it in this interview. There’s an achievement you’re not talking about, concerning Tracy: she ended the Anne-Caroline Chausson domination in the enduro and that’s not insignificant!


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