Interview with Katy Curd – “Stop thinking, start doing!”

Katy Curd is an amazingly talented rider and can handle anything on two wheels! The 4x World Champion & Rose Bike team rider is in the middle of one hell of a season so we caught up with her to find out about her season so far and her transition from 4x back to DH! 


Hi Katy! 2015 has been an amazing season for you, taking your first world cup podium at the brutal Fort William and then getting a top 10 in Lenzerheide, what’s been your highlight of the season so far?

Highlight for me is Fort William, I love just riding up there as the track is amazing but it was a big goal of mine to score a podium up there, even though I didn’t quite believe that I could beforehand! But other than that actually just riding my downhill bike again! I love just getting out riding and any results that come along are just a bonus for now, I’ve got my goals in my head but this year for me is more just learning and gaining the experience racing downhill again.


You dominated the 4x scene for so long, what made you decide to make to full move over to Downhill? And do you have any plans to race 4x again in the future?

I love racing 4X but ever since I stopped racing downhill I knew I wanted to eventually come back to it. After reaching all my goals in the 4X racing it seemed like a good time to transfer over to racing downhill. It’s great for my head as well as I have such a short attention span so switching up the training for downhill is keeping everything fresh and keeping me motivated.


We see that you spent the winter off season in the mountain bike mecca that is New Zealand, do you think spending the winter there helped you prepare better for the 2015 season?

Yeah to be honest we weren’t even going out there to train it was more of a good break away and an opportunity we couldn’t miss out on but it turned out that it was pretty perfect for off season training! I learnt so much whilst out there gearing me up for race season and had the best time whilst there, I couldn’t off ask for a better couple of months! It’s a must do on the list of places to travel if you’ve never been.


Also we have to ask you, what’s your favourite world cup round?

Fort William, mainly because it’s our home round but also everything about the event is spot on. The track is fast and brutal and the crowds and supporters just make the event what it is.

Katy Curd taking her 1st world cup podium at Fort William
Katy Curd taking her 1st world cup podium at Fort William


You’ve achieved so much in your career so far, but where did it all start? How did you get into riding and racing?

I just never stopped riding since I was a kid, I was always out on my bike with every spare minute I had even if it was just in a car park pulling wheelies but it was Andrew Dodd who got me into racing and pushed me in the right direction. I owe that man more than I could give as I’m sure I would still be stuck in my local woods if it wasn’t for him helping me out!



It’s great to see so many more girls getting into riding and racing, but what do you think has caused this movement in female mountain biking?

I agree it definitely a noticeable growth in the amount of women riding and racing now which is great to see. Over the last few years there has been a lot more women only ride days, coaching days and events happening which I think has played a massive part in it. Just given other women the chance to get out and enjoy it rather than worrying about not quite being as good as the guys. Riding is all about having fun, that’s why we all ride so I think these days really help for building confidence and just getting out there and getting stuck in.

As a professional racer you’ve had the chance to ride in so many amazing places all round the world but if you had to choose a favourite place to ride where would it be?

New Zealand, the place is stunning, take away the riding and the scenery is beautiful. The riding out there as well is incredible, everywhere you look there seems to be a trail leading out to somewhere and they are not tame either!


You’re such a diverse rider, from dirt jumps to downhill but what do you do on your time off the bike? 

We have just moved house so at the moment its DIY!! But no I like to chill out with friends and family (mainly my dog!), I travel and race so much I feel like I barely get to see people sometimes so it’s always nice to spend time with my mates. I am also in to photography, so love just snapping away at random things.


One last thing Katy. What advice would you give to any starting girls looking to break into the race scene? 

Just go and get stuck in, look out for some local races to start building some confidence and go from there, everyone is so friendly and down to earth you will always have people to ride with and ask for help if ever needed. Stop thinking, start doing!


Thanks Katy! Good Luck for the rest of the season!

Thank you!

Katy storming in to take her 2nd top 10 of the year in Lenzerheide
Katy storming in to take her 2nd top 10 of the year in Lenzerheide

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