Pedro’s Tyre Levers – Review

A Tool Box Essential or a Bright Coloured Marketing Gimmick?

Rating – 5/5

Cost – £2.99


We have a confession to make before we started using Pedro’s tire levers we ‘were’ pretty terrible at changing tires and tubes but we have to say that Pedro’s tire levers have basically made us pro puncture repairer…..well nearly!  Previously we had used metal workshop style tire levers and found them extremely difficult often too thick to get under the beading of the tire.

Pedro’s lever are comfy in your hand but yet strong enough that when you are applying a large amount of pressure to the lever it won’t break like a twig like so many other levers do. One of the main bonuses of these tire levers is that they are so bright so whatever colour you buy them in you are never likely to lose them in your tool box.

IMG_20150714_161219 (1)


The levers are sold in pairs, we only ever needed 2 at once. They are made from reinforced plastic and their chisel tip makes lifting the tire bead easier. Also with using plastic levers the chances of puncturing the tube when putting the tire back on are less likely.

Our recommendation…. if you are spending ages looking for the perfect tire levers then stop now … These Pedro tire levers are everything you could want and more! You’ll struggle to find any others as good on the market for the same price.


  1. Bright coloured not likely to get lost
  2. Fit comfortably in your hand
  3. Very robust and unlikely to snap like many other tire levers
  4. Small enough to fit in your shorts pocket or slot into your rucksack
  5. Last but not least they come in pink


  1. None



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