ODI Troy Lee Lock-On Bonus Pack Grips Review

ODI Troy Lee Grips – We’ve Been Testing & Reviewing These Grips For The Last Month Or So, Find Out What We Thought!

Rating – 4.5/5

Price – £17.49 

Features:  Undercut grip surface to give slim comfortable feel with great traction

Colours Available: Blue, Black Orange, Red, White & Yellow

With a collaboration between ODI & Troy Lee we didn’t expect any less than excellent!

The grips are available in an array of bright colours …. Perfect for us girls that love bright riding gear!


From my own personal riding preference I can’t fault these grips they give me everything I require in a grip. The Price is pretty reasonable as well.

The installation of the grips is pretty simple just make sure you get your left and rights correct, before you press the clamps on, this is due to unique unidirectional feature of these grips. So despite being easy to install take your time make sure they are set up correct so you can ensure maximum benefit from them.


The ODI Troy Lee Signature uses a unique pattern, stumpy flanges at both ends, to prevents your hands from coming into contact with the clamp on the end.

The unique undercut pads provide a comfy feel also the supper tacky feel to the grips makes them great to use in any kind of conditions whether you’re in muddy and wet conditions or super dry and dusty, your hands will stay on those bars giving you amazing control of the bike whatever the conditions. The grove channels do an excellent job in preventing mud and water build up on the grips which is exactly what we need for the typical Scottish conditions.

The grips appear to wear well too. We have used them most days for the last month in a range of conditions from thunder storms to over 30 degrees of sunshine and they still look pretty new!

Saying that tho grips are a personal choice but if you don’t wear gloves these probably aren’t the grips for you.


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