Crankworx Pump Track Challenge & Whip-Off Results


The pool of women entering Crankworx events has grown massively in the last year and the Les 2 Alpes pump track challenge was no different! Its is awesome to see these events filling up with so many amazingly talents riders and some legends of the sport too! One of the all time great Ann Caroline Chausson took the pump track challenge win with Beerten in 2nd and Siegenthaler in 3rd!

Women's Pumptack Podium
Women’s Pump Tack Podium Legend Chausson Takes The Win!

Chausson is one of the true legends of women’s mountain biking and cycling in general, she has been on the circuit for probably longer than she cares to remember, but last night she showed us that she is still more than capable of throwing it down with the younger rider! In fact she is better at throwing it down than them judging by the results!


The whip off is one of Crankworx best known events and it is no surprise to anyone that last years Queen of Crankworx and Queen of the style Casey Brown took the win again! Casey has to be theeee most stylish female rider on the circuit at the moment!

2014 Queen of Crankworx Casey Brown takes the Whip-off win!
2014 Queen of Crankworx Casey Brown takes the Whip-off win!

Siegenthaler & Beerten can’t go unmentioned! Those girls have balls (metaphorically speaking of course)! Both getting on the podium for pump track and whip offs it is only a matter of time before both girls are on top of that box!

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