Full Rd 4 Womens Results

I think it is fair to say that Lenzerheide wasn’t a race track for the faint-hearted! Bike park track or not that was no an easy track!

Top 5 Results:

1st. Atherton 3:28.126
2nd. Carpenter 3:33.132
3rd. Hannah 3:35.408
4th. Charre 3:37.950
5th. Ragot 3:37.999

Even though Atherton took the win the others girls weren’t going to let her take it without a fight! Ragot’s run was nothing short of wild but a near off followed by an actual off lost her a considerable amount of time pushing her back into 5th posisiton, Ragot was pushing it until the end trying to grab any points she could… ain’t no way she is going to let Atherton take the overall title without a fight! Manon got her best result this year taking 2nd place on the podium, still one can’t help but speculate that she may have lost some of here confidence this season! Hopefully not and we hope to see Manon back on top soon after such a successful 2014 season.

Hannah & Charre take 3rd & 4th position, good to see both these girls back on top! They are both some of the most talented & stylish female riders on the circuit and we are pump to see them finally get the results to show it!


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